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Wet Prep Day

By |2015-06-02T03:53:36-04:00June 2nd, 2015|Tales From The Road|

It was a soggy day here in the Northeast, which made for a good day to finalize orders for Mountain Jam this upcoming weekend. Pretty much have everything ready to go for the trip tomorrow morning out to the Catskills. Looks like the weather should cooperate and allow for a smooth set up day. Then it's a chillaxed meal at Cosmic Charlies, followed by a nice relaxing night in the hotel! I was thinking earlier [...]

Behind the Scenes at Summer Camp

By |2015-05-31T20:37:37-04:00May 31st, 2015|Tales From The Road|

So here's a few extra behind the scenes stories from Summer Camp that didn't make it into last weeks blog posts...enjoy! Thursday - So, the Main Booth is all set up and ready to go...the festival attendees are chomping at the bit to finally enter the festival grounds and stake out their camping spot. Our second booth by the Soulshine Tent is just about set up and ready to go.  And then... .....I get a [...]

Another One Bites the Dust

By |2015-05-26T06:12:31-04:00May 26th, 2015|Tales From The Road|

From dry to dusty to muddy to smelly muddy then back to dusty! What a week its been out in Illinois! Luckily we dodged the tornadoes, but definitely put the booth to the test against the strong winds. Thankfully, though, the strong winds kept the rains away from the festival! After checking the Doppler every 5 minutes for most of the night, we finally got in the clear of wet weather, so we started breaking [...]

Tornado Watch!

By |2015-05-25T04:28:36-04:00May 25th, 2015|Tales From The Road|

Been dodging some pretty heavy storms most of the day and with the exception of a downpour earlier today, we have stayed relatively dry *knocks on wood* The tornado watch remains in effect till 1am, so hopefully we won't have to deal with anything crazy out here in the Midwest! Last night of music up here at Summer Camp. Some late night moe. and Twiddle coming up after Big Gigantic and Griz. Sunday Funday! Hope [...]

Scampity Scamp!

By |2015-05-23T23:06:32-04:00May 23rd, 2015|Tales From The Road|

What a great weekend its been so far and its ONLY Saturday! Its been sunny and in the high 70s since Thursday and the morale is high! Joe Russo's Almost Dead just hit the stage and then the night continues on with the New Deal > Victor Wooten > Umphrey's McGee > moe. > Umphrey's > moe. > The Floozies > STS9!!!!!! Ummmm yes you read that correctly! Come party with us!

Busy Busy B!

By |2015-05-22T18:57:45-04:00May 22nd, 2015|Tales From The Road|

Holy cow is it busy! Both the booths at Summer Camp are killing it! There are tons of people walking around, soaking up the sun, and catching all the great music! Went to bed last night listening to the Infamous Stringdusters. Excited to catch a little Umphrey's McGee later on. Hope you're out having a fun holiday weekend!

“It’s all happening!”

By |2015-05-21T03:26:15-04:00May 21st, 2015|Tales From The Road|

BAM! Both booths (basically) all set up and ready to go at Summer Camp! Tim Tim and the other crew are hitting up Strangecreek bright and early tomorrow! Should be a great Memorial Day weekend, and a raging good start to the 2015 season! Make sure to tag our booth in your photos if you're out at Strangecreek and Summer Camp this weekend: @festivalgeneralstore #mrbs #festivalgeneralstore Safe travels everyone!

Road Warriors Unite!

By |2015-05-17T17:54:46-04:00May 17th, 2015|Tales From The Road|

Well after a couple productive days Thursday & Friday, I took the day off yesterday and enjoyed Porch Fest in Somerville, MA.  It's great! They had bands playing on porches all over the city, and we had a cooler full of some delicious rum punch that we carried all over the city as well! Day ended with some pizza and a few episodes of Entourage. Today! Today, is a beautiful day...sunny and close to 80* [...]

Holy Productive Day, Batman!

By |2015-05-14T13:15:07-04:00May 14th, 2015|Tales From The Road|

Worked a good full day yesterday and was able to cross a lot off the To Do list! Spent the morning on the phone with all my vendors getting the orders for Summer Camp all placed and ready for shipment. Got some cool new items for sale this year at Mr. B's and they'll all be arriving in time to hit shelves for next weekend! After stimulating the economy in the ways she likes, I [...]

Shopping Spree

By |2015-05-13T13:17:08-04:00May 13th, 2015|Tales From The Road|

So the past couple days have been all about shopping for all the inventory for our two booths at Summer Camp, as well as our booth at Strangecreek. It's nice having a weekend off prior to a couple large events...it allows for time to get everything done, and keeps the stress meter from climbing too high! Today, I'll be checking out some new shelving fixtures and finishing up the inventory orders. Then I get to [...]

Achy Breaky Breakdown

By |2015-05-11T14:58:22-04:00May 11th, 2015|Tales From The Road|

Well the first festival of 2015 is in the books! Nothing like sunny days in the mid 80s to ease back into the swing of things. Had a chance to shake off the rust of the winter and remember a few tricks to make the setup and breakdown of the booth go smoothly. Definitely have some sore muscles and new scrapes and cuts, but that's the nature of the beast! Very cool to see how [...]

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