Worked a good full day yesterday and was able to cross a lot off the To Do list!

Spent the morning on the phone with all my vendors getting the orders for Summer Camp all placed and ready for shipment. Got some cool new items for sale this year at Mr. B’s and they’ll all be arriving in time to hit shelves for next weekend!

After stimulating the economy in the ways she likes, I drove down to pick up the Uhaul that Tim Tim will be driving up to Strangecreek. With a little help from my friends, I was able to sort through the total inventory, and separate what comes with me and what goes to Strangecreek. Only took an hour because we were cranking!

Finished the day off with a nice big meal at Shady Glen in Manchester, CT….and of course I got an ice cream sundae to celebrate Whipped Cream Wednesday (that’s a thing, right?)

Now it’s back to work! Got another full day of logistics slaying ahead of me!