Well after a couple productive days Thursday & Friday, I took the day off yesterday and enjoyed Porch Fest in Somerville, MA.  It’s great! They had bands playing on porches all over the city, and we had a cooler full of some delicious rum punch that we carried all over the city as well! Day ended with some pizza and a few episodes of Entourage.

Today! Today, is a beautiful day…sunny and close to 80* without a cloud in the sky! Getting the last of my things packed up and making sure everything is all ready to go for the crew going to Strangecreek, while I also get the trailer ready to go out to Summer Camp. Only a few last minute things to shop for, and then tonight, me and my crew get on the road out to Chillicothe, IL! We’ll get as many miles behind us as humanly possible, and then relax in a hotel. Then the booth building begins…and then….SCAAAAAMMMMMP! See you on the road!