Arrived on site to bright sunny skies this morning in Atlanta! All of the rainy weather has now cleared out of the forecast, and today was gorgeous with temps in the mid 70’s and not a cloud in the sky!

Around noon, Robert Randolph & the Family Band got things started on the Main stage. It’s been a while since I last saw those guys, so it was great to hear them belting out some tunes while we were working at the booth. Later on Maceo Parker came out and funked the afternoon crowd into a frenzy…which of course led right up to the 4:20 Toast also on the Main Stage (It is Sweetwater 420 Fest after all!)

The crowd was feeling the bright sunshine vibes too…the booth was busy most of the day…Sunscreen, sunglasses, frisbees, and bubbles were all flying off the shelves…but you could tell that elsewhere at the festival, LOTS of Sweetwater beers were being sold to the masses! Drinking Day Festivals draw such a different crowd than your typical weekend long music festival…that’s for sure! Great people of course…but boy were some of them hammered!

I had a chance to check out The Word over on the Planet 420 Stage, but headed back to the booth before The Roots hit the main stage. I grabbed a bite to eat at the Fox Brothers BBQ stand, and washed it down with an ice cream bar from our booth. The Roots threw down a great set of covers as well as originals…but the highlight of the night was when they paid tribute to the late great Prince (may he Rest in Peace)

Eventually the show ended around 11pm and we got back to the hotel around midnight. Thanks to Capone and Eddy, I will have a delicious Waffle House breakfast sandwich and some covered hash-browns in a few minutes, then it’s nighty night for Mr. B!

Until tomorrow…