Well it was another bright and sunny day here in Hot’lanta! Although this morning started off with an interesting chain of events…

As we were getting the booth opened up, we noticed there were a lot of sirens within close proximity of the park. Before too long, we realized that the sirens were coming from mulitple firetrucks, ambulances, and even cop cars…all congregating just outside the fence of Centennial Olympic Park. We tried to get the scoop as to what was going on, and make sure that nobody was in danger, but nobody had any information…until this one police officer walked past the booth and said “there’s a guy stuck head first in a storm drain…it’s pretty hilarious

So of course, when a cop tells you something like that, you HAVE to go in for further investigation! Sure enough, sticking out of the sewer grate were two sneakers and the feet/legs they were attached to! Evidently a man on the street lost his cell phone down the sewer drain…another man walking down the street, in an attempt to be a good samaritan, decided that he was skinny enough to reach in and grab the phone. However, once he was leaning in to grab the phone, he slipped and the rest of his body went into the sewer grate! The team of rescue workers diligently worked to free the man from the sewer, and sure enough once he emerged (with cell phone in hand), he was greeted with cheers from the onlooking crowd.

Certainly don’t see that every day!

The rest of the day paled in comparison to that excitement. But it was another steady day of sales while music from Leftover Salmon, Atmosphere, Emancipator, Michael Franti, and many others filled the southern skies. One of the last two shows of the festival was an energy filled set from Atlanta’s own Ludacris, who also paid a tribute to Prince, and live musicians everywhere. The crowd was definitely feeling it when Ludacris let each member of his live band jam out, one instrument at a time in the middle of the show! To close things out, Ben Harper took the main stage at 8:30 just as the sun finished going down and played right until the festival ended at 10.

The breakdown/load out went very smoothly and we were packed up and ready to go in no time. After stopping for some Steak n’ Shake on the way home, we are now all back at the hotel to get a few hours of sleep under our belts before the long journey home tomorrow.

Thanks again Atlanta for all the fun times, great food, and awesome stories…Till next time!