While pulled off at a rest area somewhere in southern Virginia, I figured I would write the first blog post of the season! First and foremost, Happy Holidaze to you all!

So, here we are rolling down to the Sweetwater 420 Fest in Centennial Olympic Park right in downtown Atlanta, GA! Decided to get on the road last night and do the overnight drive…a total of 17 hours with all the stops and such. So I’ll be glad when we pull into the hotel later around 4pm and I can throw my feet up and relax for a bit!

Gotta give some love to this section of Virginia I’ve been driving through! We’re taking 81S and are just past Lynchburg, and for the past few hours have been driving through these gorgeous farmlands with rolling hills on one side, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background on the other. The trees all have leaves down here (which is a pleasant change from up north) so everything is all brightly colored and vibrant. Certainly has a feeling of spring!

Heading back on the road for the rest of the drive…everybody have a fun and safe day!