Nice smooth drive up to Hunter on the new trailer tires! Got up to the mountain ¬†around 3 and started figuring out the logistics of booth placement and where to fit the back stock trailer…the usual. Then with the help of our new shelving units, we got the skeleton of the store set up in no time. The boys got half the store all set up before dark, and then we decided to call it a night.

We headed over to the Kaatskill Mountain Club lodge over at Hunter Mountain, and checked into our “tent” for the night. Complete of course with balcony and fireplace!

Headed out to grab some dinner at our usual spot, and found it to be closed! So we improvised and drove into Tannersville, where we stumbled across American Glory BBQ! Filled up on some amazing southern style BBQ and a few all American cocktails! All in all a great way to start our 8th Mountain Jam Festival weekend!