Another successful year!

Our 2nd Annual Mr. B’s Giving Tree – Holiday Donation Drive was a big success again this year!

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and made the short trek over to the warehouse to get everything all set up for the event. I was able to get all of the shelves and products outside and on display for all of the passerby’s to get a good look at while they drove by to start their holiday shopping.

See, our warehouse is situated along one of the main roads leading to the mall area of Manchester, so in addition to setting up bins for people to stop by and drop off their donation items, we also set up shelves of products that we carry in the General Store for people to come purchase and donate the essentials right there on site!

Thankfully it was nice sunny day, and warm enough where I was comfortable in my new Christmas onesie (complete with blinking lights of course!) and my trusty ole Santa Hat!

After getting everything all set up in the parking lot, I threw on some headphones, queued up an Umphrey’s McGee show on the nugs app, and climbed up the ladder to wave to all the cars driving past!

By late morning the weekend mall traffic was starting to pick up, and cars were slowing down to take a look at what was going on…and to send a honk of approval and a friendly wave my way!

After a long day of dancing on top of a ladder and waving to EVERY CAR that drove past, I wrapped things up just as the sun was getting ready to set.

I brought in all of the bins of donated items, and began tallying up everyone’s generosity!

When all was said and done, we had collected over a dozen blankets, 10 new winter coats, 2 full bags of nonperishable food items, a dozen hand warmers, and a big pile of sweatshirts, winter hats, gloves, and scarves! In addition to the items collected from our generous donors, I will also be donating several boxes of toiletries & personal hygiene products on behalf of Mr. B’s Festival Needs!

All in all, I would call the event a success!
We exceeded the amount of donations collected at last year’s inaugural event, and my goal for this year was to get more of the local community engaged, and to entice at least one random passerby to stop and donate to the cause. Not only were we successful with our goals, but we had multiple random passerby’s stop and support us!!

I’ll be getting everything ready for the folks over at Mercy House to pick up at the beginning of this week, but if you have any last minute donations, be sure to send us an email through our contact page.

Thank you again to EVERYONE who came out and supported our 2nd Annual Mr. B’s Giving Tree!

Next year will be even better!!