Baja Blankets


The Baja Blanket has become an absolute festival essential. The look has even come to represent the aesthetic of the hippy festival scene. Much loved for its simplicity and versatility, the Baja Blanket can be used all through the day. The weight and material make it perfect for laying on the grass in the sun, then drape it over your shoulders to keep warm at night as a makeshift serape. Finally, curl up under the blanket as you cuddle in your tent or under the stars. At 5′ x 7′, our blankets are juuuust big enough to fit two – albeit snuggly ­čśë

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Aqua, Navy, Black, Grey
Blue, Grey, White, Black
Blue, Mustard, Orange, Maroon
Blue, Mustard, Orange, White
Brown, Grey, White, Black
Chocolate, Grey, White, Black
Dark Blue, Grey, White, Black
Dark Green, Grey, White, Black
Dark Green, Tan, Maroon, Black
Fuscia, Grey, White, Black
Fuscia, Pink, White, Black
Gold, Grey, White, Black
Green, Red, Gold, Black
Hot Pink, Grey, White, Black
Hot Pink, Pink, White, Black
Hot Pink, Salmon, Grey, Black
Hot Pink, Salmon, White, Black
Lavender, Grey, White, Black
Lavender, Orange, Yellow, Black
Light Blue, Grey, White, Black
Light Blue, Tan, White, Black
Light Grey, Grey, White, Black
Lime Green, Grey, White, Black
Lime Green, Hot Pink, White, Black
Maroon, Gold, Light Blue, Black
Maroon, Mustard, White, Black
Maroon, White, Grey, Black
Navy, Orange, Tan, Black
Navy, Red, Dark Green
Orange, Aqua, White, Black
Orange, Blue, Maroon, Black
Orange, Grey, White, Black
Orange, Yellow, Maroon, Black
Pink , Maroon, White, Black
Pink, Aqua, Mustard, Black
Pink, Grey, White, Black
Pink, Mustard, White, Black
Purple, Lavender, White, Black
Red, Grey, White, Black
Red, Grey, White, Navy
Red, Orange, Grey, Black
Red, Pink, White, Black
Red, Yellow, White, Black
Sage, Grey, White, Black
Salmon, Grey, White, Black
Salmon, Lavender, White, Aqua
Tan, Grey, White, Black
Yellow, Grey, White, Black
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