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    The true festival professional knows that any good comfort plan is not complete without making sure that those sweet tootsies of yours stay warm and fresh. While you could get away with one hoodie all weekend, socks are a different animal. For warmth, there is the standard layering technique - one, two, even three feet deep will give you a wide range of temperatures to choose from. For freshness, we have the obvious matter of foot stank to deal with - here it is clear that the more socks the merrier. But, a lesser known technique that we'd like to let you in on is the ol' Full Body Foot Refresher: when you are feeling out of steam, sometimes all it takes is peeling off those worn socks and putting on a nice pair of fresh socks to kickstart that second wind. Wipe, wash, dry, and go! Looking for the more layers? Check out our socks, leggings, hats, and other clothing! Stick with Mr. B's for all the essential tips and tricks :)  *patterns vary and may not be as shown

    Donate this item to our Giving Tree Drive for $2.50. Shop all Giving Tree Items, and find out more about our annual charity drive at mrbsfestivalneeds.com/givingtree.

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    Be safe! *3 per pack

    Donate this item to our Giving Tree Drive for $3. Shop all Giving Tree Items, and find out more about our annual charity drive at mrbsfestivalneeds.com/givingtree.

  • MoonMats


    MoonMats are a 100% repurposed product produced entirely in The United States. MoonMats are made from the same high-grade, hypoallergenic, closed cell PVC memory foam used to create ear protection for the US military.  MoonMats' foam is temperature reactive, feeling softer at warmer temperatures and each measure 42”x57”x3/4”.  With over 4000 crater holes per MoonMat, MoonMats are created in extremely limited quantities directly correlated with the amount of earplugs produced each year. MoonMats can be utilized to turn any surface on Earth into a comfortable lunar landing zone.

    *Straps sold separately. Get MoonMats Official Carrying Straps here! Due to the inherent nature of a repurposed product, Original MoonMats included some minor scuffs or scratches created during the earplug production processes.  However, new MoonMats will come with all holes cut uniformly, no plugs remaining in the holes, and no rips or tears throughout.  This all adds up to a more consistent comfort pattern as well as a lighter weight MoonMat with no worries of accidentally littering earplugs. Simply put, these are the best MoonMats to land on earth yet.
  • Want to take your MoonMat with you as you travel the Earth?  MoonMats Carrying Straps are designed to hold 1 or 2 MoonMats laid flat and rolled tightly or can also hold 1 MoonMat folded in half and rolled tightly  The carrying straps are made from a durable and comfortable webbing and dye sublimated with a galactic graphic.  Each strap features two webbing slides that when both are placed in the center create two loops to be placed around the rolled up MoonMats and tightened revealing a section to hold between the 2 loops. Get your MoonMat here!
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    Wacky Waving Guy

    At Mr. B's, we love to see you smile. That's why we usually have a Wacky Waving Guy in front of the booth to greet you with his arm flailing tubey goodness. Our Wacky Waving Guy has become like family and we want you to have your own Wacky Waving Guy -- always there for a smile, a wave, and a dance. Happy Arm Flailing!
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    What's a Mystery Fun Bag???   IT'S A MYSTERY! EVERY bag is different...what will be in YOURS?!? FEELING MYSTERIOUS?? 1 for $5 5 for $20
  • Toasty Tee

    This toasty tee isn't really about toast, but it commemorates National Toast Day (February 25th) and by extension: National Chili on Toast Day - you heard it here first! Wear this shirt any day of the year because every day has a decent reason to celebrate and get toasty... plus toast is always delicious. At Mr. B's Festival Needs, we love to find these reasons to celebrate so come back often as we share more of what makes the world good and fun and festive. 

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