The majestic music venue we call Red Rocks Amphitheater, nestled in Morrison, Colorado about 30 minutes from Denver, is a spiritual and legendary location – a rite of passage for many fans of live music. I’ve explored it a little bit during the day with no people around, but this weekend will be my first time taking in an actual live concert at Red Rocks. It only makes sense that The Disco Biscuits are the band to get me to fly across the country for my first show “On The Rocks.” And let me tell you, I could not be more hype than I am right now! Roughly 8 hours away from some serious heaters on a chilly spring night here in Colorado.

My fellow Biscuit degenerates and I are staying at a super artsy spot called The Source Hotel located in Denver’s popular RiNo District. Last night after grabbing some sushi with the boys at Matsuhisa, we went back over to The Source to talk about our plans and relish in our excitement for today and the rest of the weekend. When you’re in a hotel room with a group of people there can often be a million different conversations happening at once. I really enjoy chatting with everyone and learning new things, but what was funny about last night was that almost every conversation came back to “I can’t believe we’re here!” 

Red Rocks is a bucket list item for many of my friends and most music lovers, but after a year like we’ve had, we’re more grateful than ever! If 2020 has taught us something, it is to not take ANYTHING for granted… especially seeing friends and live music! I am REALLY looking forward to savoring the sounds and views of Red Rocks. This venue is so special to so many people, and I just hope my personal experience is as amazing as the millions of patrons who have attended in the past.

I know at some point I will likely be helping a friend up those steps as we walk away thinking “What did we just see!?” The Biscuits seem to be super on point right now, and many friends of mine left New Jersey at the Sussex County Live Drive-In shows saying, “Saturday was the best show of the tour so far!” Here’s to hoping that these shows will be even better! Stay tuned for my show reviews next week and stay safe this weekend.

Love y’all!
– Pete

Have you been to Red Rocks? Who did you see?
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