Please, please, PLEASE protect those ears!!

Did you know that hearing loss at 110 dB is possible in mere minutes. These classic earplugs are an absolute essential for any live music lover. Made from super soft foam, they are easy to roll between your fingers before inserting them into your ears so they form that sweet sweet seal – a comfortable snug fit for your safe and enjoyable music listening pleasure. Earplugs allow you to listen to the music at an enjoyable volume while experiencing the sheer palpable bliss of music waves traveling through your body that you can only achieve at high volumes. Plus they will drown out a chatty neighbor or that guy who brought a tambourine from home… Don’t be that guy. But do consider traveling with extra pairs to keep all your friends safe. And maybe keep that chatty neighbor quiet.

PRO TIP: Consider upgrading to a more discreet, reusable option that comes with it’s own carrying case: Vibes Hi-Fi Earplugs

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