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    Duct Tape

    An Ode to Duct Tape: So sticky. Fixes Anything. We love you.

    Donate this item to our Giving Tree Drive for $1.50. Shop all Giving Tree Items, and find out more about our annual charity drive at mrbsfestivalneeds.com/givingtree.

  • MoonMats

    MoonMats are a 100% repurposed product produced entirely in The United States. MoonMats are made from the same high-grade, hypoallergenic, closed cell PVC memory foam used to create ear protection for the US military. MoonMats' foam is temperature reactive, feeling softer at warmer temperatures and each measure 42”x 57”x 3/4”. With over 4000 crater holes per MoonMat, MoonMats are created in extremely limited quantities directly correlated with the amount of earplugs produced each year. MoonMats can be utilized to turn any surface on Earth into a comfortable lunar landing zone. Get MoonMats Official Carrying Straps here! Due to the inherent nature or a repurposed product; Both 4-Star and 5-Star Original MoonMats may regularly include some or all of the following irregularities created during the earplug production processes: Sporadic uncut craters Craters still full with earplugs Holes and/or tears in the solid foam perimeter Tears between craters Cut Corners

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