Project Description

Lockn’ Music Festival

August 30 – September 3, 2021
Arrington, VA

With an emphasis on world class music, locally sourced food and sustainability, LOCKN’ is held annually at the Infinity Downs and Oak Ridge Farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Central Virginia.

LOCKN’ was created by industry veterans Dave Frey and Peter Shapiro. Frey founded the HORDE Festival while Shapiro owned New York City’s historic rock club, “Wetlands Preserve.” He also produced U2’s award-winning film U23D and currently publishes Relix Magazine as well as being the proprietor of Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY, Las Vegas, NV, London and The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

LOCKN’ was named for traditions central to both Frey and Shapiro: The interlocking performances presented at Wetlands and the continuous uninterrupted music featured between the two stages at HORDE. LOCKN’s conceptual theme will touch all elements of the event: “when something ends, another begins.” LOCKN’ is one of the country’s most unique and dynamic events. Frey and Shapiro’s sense for innovation and creativity together with the backdrop of this beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains makes for an unforgettable weekend.

“Most festivals these days are trying to be everything to everyone — very eclectic with an emphasis on a large number of artists in various genres,” says Shapiro. “With this festival, we want to break away from that mold and create something more identifiable and distinct.”

LOCKN’s music runs seamlessly, giving the audience a unique and singular experience. The emphasis is on quality over quantity, as fewer bands play longer sets and many of the featured artists perform multiple sets on different days.

Since both Frey and Shapiro have a strong history of running environmentally conscious organizations, LOCKN’ is a particularly green undertaking, using locally sourced food, recycling programs and many more initiatives. The festival has engaged a person closely associated with the property who is a local sustainable food provider to help source food, beverages and services from Central Virginia.

“As a life-long concert goer, Peter has a fan-first approach to the events he produces and I think his audiences respond to that as they feel his respect and generosity,” says Frey. “He creates events that he would want to attend himself, and that really sets them apart from everything else out there.”

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