Holiday Party 2023

*UPDATE 11/29/23*

I’m SO excited to see you all in a few days!! It’s shaping up to be a really fun weekend, and the guest list is looking fantastic as always!

Here’s some additional information about the party and the property:

  • ARRIVAL If you’re planning to arrive on Friday evening, please let me know in advance. We’ll need time to check in and get settled, so plan to arrive AFTER 7pm if coming on Friday. Otherwise, everyone is welcome to arrive anytime after 11:00am on Saturday morning.
    • Saturday Day – No real “plan” for the day…basically people can come and go as they please, and enjoy all the property has to offer! We’ll have some snacks to grub down on throughout the day, but feel free to bring whatever munchies you want to hold yourself over till dinner.
    • Saturday Evening We’ll shoot to eat dinner around 7pm to accommodate any late arrivals. There are multiple kitchens with multiple stoves/ovens and lots of space to prep/cook…you can plan to make something at the house if it’s easier than bringing something pre-made.
    • Saturday Night – PAAAAAARRRRRTYYYYY!
    • Sunday – Same vibe…brunch at a time that feels right…chillax and enjoy the property. Anyone that would like to stay over on Sunday night is more than welcome.
  • MEALS – I created a shared spreadsheet (CLICK HERE) to share what food(s) that people are planning to bring/make for the potluck dinner and/or brunch. There’s going to be 22-26 of us, so please plan your portions accordingly.
    If you need any suggestions, feel free to call/text me…think delicious comfort foods that everyone will enjoy. When in doubt, apps & desserts are always a safe bet!

    PLEASE NOTE: We have both Veggie Peeps & Meaty Peeps…so if your food has meat in it, make sure to let everyone know.
  • GROCERY STORES – There’s a couple grocery stores, and a really good butcher shop within 10-12 minutes of the house. If you’re coming from the West/South (Rte 2/Rte 85), it will be Stop & Shop in Colchester…if you’re coming from the North/East (i-395/Rte 82) it’ll be Big Y or Walmart in Norwich
  • BYOB – Plan to bring whatever beer, booze, bubbles, etc. that you’re planning to consume over the weekend…there’s plenty of fridge/freezer space throughout the house.
  • WHAT TO BRING – Yourself, good vibes, comfy clothes (Slippers, PJ’s, Onesies, Robes, Blankets, Snuggies, etc.), swimsuit, towels, floats/tubes, flippy floppy’s, fresh undies, top hat, toothbrush, games, musical instruments, and/or anything else!
    (Ziploc Bags & To-Go Containers were in short supply last year, so it would be helpful to bring them for leftovers)
  • SMOKING – NO SMOKING INDOORS! Please smoke on the outside patios and dispose of your butts in the outside trash bins. Friendly reminder that sound carries, so when outside, please keep the noise down after 10pm.
  • CHECK OUT – Strip your bed, leave the sheets in a pile on the floor…trash gets thrown out in the barrels out back…all dishes need to be clean, or in the dishwasher. CHECK OUT IS NOON ON MONDAY
  • PRICING – I’m waiting on confirmation from a couple “maybes” but it’s looking like the price will be $110 – $125 per person. I will update everyone with the exact price on Saturday and can collect funds from everyone then.
    Please bring cash, or send payment via Venmo or PayPal
    Venmo: @ledzep127

That’s pretty much everything I can think of. I’ll be texting everyone the address separately…seems sketchy to leave it here on the website. As always, if you have any additional questions, feel free to hit me up, otherwise I’ll see you soon!

Let’s get this party started!!


Hello Hello!!

I hope you’re all doing well, staying warm, and catching up on some much-needed rest! I’m thrilled to officially invite you to our annual Mr. B’s Crew Holiday Party, scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd – Monday, December 4th, 2023 in Salem, CT.

As many of you know, I love wrapping up the season by bringing everyone together to celebrate the fantastic crew of people that keeps Mr. B’s successful! I’m genuinely thankful for each and every one of you and all of the incredible dedication you’ve shown to the business throughout the years. It’s so nice to kick back and share a few nights of silliness with all of you outside of the chaos of festival season!

Exciting news – we’ve secured the same amazing property we rented last year, with plenty of room for everyone to stay the whole weekend! We’re planning a delicious potluck-style dinner on Saturday evening, followed by a full night of festivities. On Sunday morning/afternoon, we’ll indulge in a big ole brunch and continue enjoying the property‘s amenities. Everyone is welcome to stay over on Sunday night as well, and whomever is still there on Monday morning, we’ll plan to do a quick breakfast before checking out of the house around noon.

The main house is right on the lake, equipped with multiple kitchens, cozy bedrooms, an elevator, a pool table, a movie theater, a curtain for sock-puppet shows… and, of course, an indoor pool, hot tub, and sauna! The property itself is huge, and weather permitting, we can hang out by the lake around a nice warm fire.

For those who missed out last year, check out some pics of the home and all its amenities:
Waterfront Estate on 36 Acres

Our arrangement is the same as last year—I’ll cover 50% of the total rental fee, and we’ll split the remaining 50% among those attending. Last year worked out to $125 per person, and I’m anticipating a similar or even slightly lower cost this year depending on attendance.

To ensure we have ample space for everyone, this invitation is extended exclusively to Mr. B’s Crew only. Please give me a heads up if you’d like to bring your significant other.

I understand that it’s the holidays, and finances can be tight, so if anyone’s financial situation is the only obstacle standing in the way of attending, please let me know—I’m more than willing to work something out. The goal is to have everyone together, so we really hope you are able to join us!

To those who are unable to attend this year’s holiday party, you’ll be missed, and hopefully we are able to connect soon.

I’ll be sending along additional information once we know who is coming, but in the meantime, if anyone has any questions, feel free to call or text me whenever.

Thanks again for everything!
Let’s get this party started!!